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NetMagic Pro 
Enterprise Password Management.

NetMagic Pro is a Load-and-Go Password Management software solution that improves the productivity of End-Users, IT Help Desk, Network Infrastructure and Security Staffs.

Since its first shipment in 1997, Fortune 500 companies have employed NetMagic Pro in seven-day, twenty-four hour/day operations to reduce the load of password reset requests on corporate support staffs.

NetMagic Pro improves productivity and increases security by either automating the password service calls to the Help Desk, or completely removing the password management calls to the Help Desk by having End Users self-authenticate and then reset their own passwords through a web interface.  

To examine the nature and impact of password management challenges on support organizations and to explore NetMagic Pro’s low cost solution to these challenges, proceed through the folders labeled Impasse, Impact, and Solution in sequence.